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January 14, 2014 – Vancouver, BC: Riverside Resources Inc. ("Riverside" or the "Company") (TSX-V: RRI) is pleased to provide an overview of the Company’s growth plans for the coming year. Riverside will look to strategically build on the successes achieved during 2013, which included securing two new fully funded strategic alliances with major metal producers  for mineral exploration work in northwestern Mexico, four new partner funded project acquisitions and positive drilling and exploration results highlighted by the high-grade silver values reported at the Peñoles Project in Durango, Mexico. The Company continues to diligently manage its capital with more than $5,000,000 in cash, no debt and less than 37,000,000 shares outstanding.

An outline of Riverside’s anticipated Corporate Growth Plans for 2014 are summarized below:

  • Follow-up drill campaign at historic Jesus Maria mine area, Peñoles Project, Mexico
  • Drilling at Swift Katie Copper Project (Antofagasta BC Alliance), BC, Canada
  • Further exploration and potential drilling at the Lennac and Flute Projects, BC, Canada
  • Deliver new copper-porphyry asset in BC, Canada
  • Generate & acquire new gold targets in Sonora Megashear (Hochschild Alliance), Mexico
  • Acquire new copper-porphyry targets in NW Mexico (Antofagasta Mexico Alliance)
  • Exploration results from 100% owned projects in Sonora, Mexico
  • Secure new strategic partnerships and JV partners
  • Evaluate opportunities to acquire distressed assets and grow portfolio  

John-Mark Staude, President and CEO, stated: “Riverside continued to deliver new partnerships and build its business during a challenging 2013 for the junior resource sector. We now have three active strategic alliances with major metal producers and are confident that our team will deliver new high-quality projects into each alliance within the first half of 2014. We are in position to deliver discovery exposure through several partner-funded drill programs this year and look forward to strengthening Riverside’s core assets.”

Click the following link to hear Riverside’s President, John-Mark Staude, discuss the Company’s upcoming growth plans with Mike Niehuser of Beacon Rock Research: http://goo.gl/kjrBaF

Riverside will again be active in northwestern Mexico, where the Company expanded, refined and acquired new drill targets and properties this past year. In 2014, Riverside will deliver additional alliance and 100% owned prospects, while the Company continues to progress existing drill targets with permitting and drill preparations for programs contingent on upcoming exploration results and partner budgets. The Alliance partnerships have funded extensive work in 2013 and should continue to be a strong driver into 2014 and 2015. The collaboration with major companies and Riverside’s prospect generator approach has allowed the Company to further its ownership interest in significant mineralization districts in western North America.

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