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Riverside Resources Inc. understands and is dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible business and exploration practices. We understand that our actions have an effect on the environment, the communities and the people who we work with. Riverside strives to use environmentally friendly techniques, adheres to industry guidelines and practices, and aims to employ local labour from the communities we operate in. We are also dedicated to the stewardship of these areas. In general, mineral exploration is less disruptive to the environment than mineral extraction and we strive for sustainable development that limits waste and leaves the smallest footprint possible.

Riverside also gives back to the community through charitable donations, including donations to the the following charities:

  • Muskoka Foundation - Classroom on wheels in rural Mexico
  • Stand Foundation - Helping change the life of marginalized youth in the Greater Vancouver Regional District
  • Universal Outreach Foundation - A humanitarian organization developed with a purpose to serve vulnerable and impoverished children and their communities
  • Right to Play - Offering children in impoverished nations access to sports
  • Childrens Hospital - A hospital in Vancouver serving children and families with specific needs