Dear Investor,

I’d like to personally thank you for your support and contribution to Riverside’s future growth and success. Investors providing capital and being part of the company’s success is critical and much appreciated. We have worked to grow a strong portfolio and leverage off our knowledge to gain investment from third parties who joint venture our projects. Riverside has generated royalty interests and is exposed to the discovery upside in gold, copper, silver and other commodities. 

Our team takes pride in Riverside’s focus on creating value through our dedication by building a strong Company with a blend of intellectual and partner capital to stretch every dollar spent. Riverside is in a very strong business position with less than 45M shares issued, cash in the bank and no debt. 

This strong cash position is further supported by equity positions we have developed in other junior companies through partial payments on options of our properties. One of our private partners, Sinaloa Resources Inc. is progressing towards drilling at our La Silla Project and Riverside also continues to advance other projects within our portfolio. Additionally, Riverside holds 1M shares in Silver Viper Minerals and also holds 3M shares in another private company called Croesus Gold Corp., with Croesus also expected to complete a go-public transaction in 2019.

Since inception we have generated $2.50 in partner-funded work for every $1 the Company spends. This ability to generate partner-funding exposes shareholders to exploration results and discovery chances across multiple projects while reducing risk and cash burn for Riverside. Shareholders can now look forward to active discovery growth from a multitude of projects in Mexico.

One project we are particularly excited about is the Cecilia Gold Project in northeastern Sonora, Mexico. This is a project we identified scientifically years ago and gained more knowledge about its history while completing regional work in the area. We are excited about consolidating Cecilia and the potential for making a large discovery expanding upon the past exploration work at the Project.

We appreciate engaged shareholders and encourage you to call our Communications Team (778.327.6671 x 312) with any questions or comments about the Company. If you wish to receive news releases and investor updates straight to your inbox, please click here to sign up.

Thanks again for your commitment to being a Riverside shareholder. We promise to work hard to create value, grow the company and make this next stage a positive step for Riverside and all of its owners.


John-Mark Staude
President, CEO & Director