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What is a Prospect Generator? The term Prospect Generator is used to describe a junior mineral exploration company that employs a particular business model and de-risking exploration approach. A Prospect Generator will stake/acquire prospective ground that they believe has significant mineral potential. Typically, initial cost-effective exploration work is completed by the Prospect Generator (geologic mapping, geophysics, geochemistry, etc.) in order to establish drill targets and further outline the opportunity. The Prospect Generator will then work to secure joint-venture partnerships to fund drilling and further exploration work on the property by offering a majority interest (usually 50-70%) in the property in exchange for cash, shares and/or committed exploration expenditures. In other words, a successful Prospect Generator leverages its intellectual capital to bring in external (partner) capital to fund work on its own properties.

What are the benefits of the Prospect Generator Model? The business of mineral exploration is inherently risky. The Prospect Generator business model works to mitigate some of that risk by exposing shareholders to the upside of mineral discoveries, while conserving capital. This allows the Prospect Generator to limit share dilution (number of shares outstanding) and increases the company's longevity. The odds of making an economically viable mineral discovery are low, and thus it makes prudent business sense to obtain partner funding for the higher-risk and higher-cost capital expenditure required to drill test prospective targets.

Riverside Resources Inc.’s Implementation of the Prospect Generator Model: Riverside very much believes in the Prospect Generator model as a vehicle to increase its chances of taking part in the discovery of a world-class deposit. Riverside acknowledges that the road to a major discovery is an intellectual endeavor that requires strategic and entrepreneurial thinking, and patience. Riverside has a strong management group that continues to deliver portfolio growth and discovery chances with limited risk, cost and dilution.

Riverside encourages you to complete your own independent research for further information and insight into the Prospect Generator business model.